Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Tribe: The Early Days

Today my baby girl is six weeks old, and more lovely than ever. Over the past few weeks she has grown from a little newborn, silent and naive to our little human who recognises her loved ones, smiles when she is leaving presents in her nappies and pulls at her mumma's hair. She is mesmerised by lights, trees and the breeze on her face when we are outside. Her collection of soft toys is starting to get a work out as she enjoys blowing bubbles at her crocodile, elephant and pig (the rest remain rejected in her toy basket for now).

Of all the roles I have taken on, mother is by far my favourite. She may test me on occasion, but she inspires me more than I could have ever imagined. There is certainly something to say for that bond between parent and child, so strong and yet so soft and humble at once. Amongst everything else I have truly enjoyed watching her interact with my own parents, who have showered her with nothing but love and affection since she came into this world.

Recently my girlfriend Tillie offered to take some photos of my little tribe, an opportunity of which I would have been silly to pass up. We decided to meet at the gardens near our house last Saturday to capture a moment in time. A moment of which Audrey-Lee spent her time sleep and snuggling into us, her people.