Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Two Seasons

Six months of her (well it's actually seven months now, but #mumlife).

Two seasons of this radiant new soul filling our home with joy, teaching us about ourselves and the world around us more as the days go by.

She rolls and commando crawls,
she gets into cupboards and smashes yoghurt down like it's a competition,
she growls and squeals.

We fall in love with her over and over, as the seasons change and she shows us a little more of her personality. As Spring comes we await the next chapter, her first steps, the many food fights and days spent out in the sun picking flowers and singing those old nursery rhymes.

To capture this moment in time with our darling Froggy we had my friend Natalie take some family photos, at home, where Audrey-Lee spends hours playing, sleeping and growing.

Photos by Natalie Duckett
Audrey-Lee onesie by Arnhem & Socks by Ma Mer
Claire top vintage & jeans by Sportsgirl