Saturday, January 27, 2018

So Frenchy, So Chic Petite Fille

Earlier this month my darling baby girl went to her first music festival Earthside.

She'd experienced a festival wombside but I'm not quite sure how much of that stayed with her after the whole being born dilemma.

Being a huge fan of the Melbourne festival So Frenchy, So Chic, a music festival where it is entirely appropriate to chill out on a picnic rug barefoot in the sun and eat your weight in cheese whilst listening to an amazing array of French beats from folk to blues to pop and soft rock, it was only fitting that I take her. It's also one of the only festivals I know where I'm not struggling with stage clashes, as there is only one stage, and there's a short break between acts for small talk, gelato runs and taking photos.

My friend Katrina Boultwood, who often features on here as one of my favourite Melbourne photographers joined us for the day. With her she brought olives, strawberries and her camera to take a few photos of my darling girl's first music festival.

How did Audrey-Lee do a day in the sun, with a crowd and loud music?

She did remarkably well. We packed our pop up sun shade, she had three outfits so she could eat all the food but still dress to impress, and she took a nap in her pram in between two acts (her timing with that was incredible). She loved the music, and dancing with the crowd. I am very much looking forward to her second music festival in only a couple of weeks time. After all, I need to milk her enthusiasm for being my festival pal whilst it lasts.

Photos by Katrina Lee Boultwood
(above: DSLR & below: Iphone 8)

Claire wears Spell Designs
Audrey-Lee wears Sprout from Myer, Pure Baby and Marks & Spencer